Card Payment Issues

There are occasions when a customer’s credit/debit card is declined during the payment processes.   Please note your order is not complete and paid for until you receive a purchase/confirmation email with an LOUXXXX number on it.

The most common reasons for this are:

Card Declined by Card Issuer: This message is linked to your card and the most common reasons are: the card number or expiry date is invalid, the security code has been entered incorrectly, the billing address is incorrect.

Please retry, ensuring that you have input the correct information.  If the error message continues you should get in touch with your card issuer (bank).

UnionPay Cards 

The University is unable to accept payments using UnionPay cards.  Please use either a Visa, AMEX or Mastercard type card for your purchase.

Insufficient funds: Lack of funds in the account or not enough credit available to cover payment.

Blank Screen/Timeout: A possible network failure, communication failure or timeout has occurred while processing the credit or payment card. This is usually linked to the 3D secure page not displaying properly. This page is controlled by your card issuer/bank and therefore you need to get in touch with them if the issue continues.
Anti Fraud: Many card issuers aim to protect their customers as much as they can against fraudulent transactions.  In order to do this the following are possible reasons for payment failure:

  1. Unfamiliar transactions: Occassionally anti fraud filters are applied by the card issuer to transactions that register as unfamiliar (usually due to the amount of the payment).  Therefore payment will be declined to protect you from a potential fraudulent transaction.
  2. Exceeded your daily transaction limit: Again, linked to potential fraud credit card companies may block your account if you exceed the daily spend on your card.   This will block your account from further use and the card may be declined.

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